Many years ago I took in a very neglected pug named Buford. At the time I knew nothing about pugs and really wasn't prepared for a dog . Finding out what situation this little guy was in and how scared and mistreated he had been; I thought I just cannot turn him down.

It took me literally 2 long years of patience, consistency, reinforcement, and unconditional love to get this wonderful dog who had no voice to trust me and understand I wouldn't give up on him no matter what. He lived a long life and was starting to wear down, so I decided he needed a companion to get his spunk back up.
I waited a while and asked people around if they knew of a pug that needed a home and finally one turned up that fit our lifestyle and Buford's temperament. His name is Poncho. He gave Buford so much spunk and the two became inseparable. We would go visit my neighbors and they became the famous pugs on the street making people smile and laugh. Pugs bring so much happiness to people's lives, they just need someone to love them.
Sadly Buford was becoming old and became very ill. I took him to the emergency clinic and they said unfortunately it is time to do the right thing for him and let him go. Poncho and I went straight into mourning. Poncho just laid in Buford's bed and wouldn't come out for anything.

I got online one night as I was balling my eyes out looking for the right companion for Poncho that would fit his personality. I know we had to do this quickly to help us get through this grieving process. I found the KPR website and sent in my application. They responded immediately and it has been the most rewarding experience ever. Gizmo is an absolute joy and such a happy, loveable, kissable pug. Poncho is now trying to keep up with him which is hilarious.

Having pugs are a lot of time, work and effort but so worth it and I love what KPR offers to help you through the process. I highly recommend anyone wanting to adopt a pug to allow this organization to walk you through the steps and process. It is the most rewarding thing you can do for the dog and your family. I feel like Gizmo was put in our lives for a reason and we couldn't be happier. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

Amy Sipple



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