Hank (formerly known as Mac) is my first pug and what a delight he is! My husband gave me his blessing (and money) last Christmas to get a pug. Being a fan of big dogs, he wasn't that hip on the idea but knew I'd wanted one for a long time.

Not having the desire to housetrain a puppy and having a soft spot for homeless animals, I decided to give an older pug a chance. An internet search led me to the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, so I sent in an adoption application and spent countless hours reading their website. After our home visit was approved, I selected a few pugs I'd like to meet - the first of whom was Hank.

The Wilsons (Hank's wonderful foster family) and I arranged to meet in Lafayette. Hank was so friendly and easygoing. I wanted to take him right then but needed to introduce him to my husband. The next weekend Scott and I headed up to their home in Portage. Hank turned on the charm and he and Scott became fast friends.

Hank has certainly made himself at home. He has two new friends, Becca, a beagle/springer spaniel mix and Tiko, a cat. I am proud of the girls for sharing their home without too much of a fuss. It's cute to watch them all decide who gets what spot on the couch. He's even started giving me kisses when I get home from work!

As I said in the first paragraph, Scott has always preferred big dogs. One look at this picture should tell you how the story ends!

Sarah Strain

PS Big thanks to KPR and the Wilson family for taking such good care of Hank.



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