Hi there! I met KPR pug, "Emma" at Pugtoberfest 2008. She had only been in the rescue a few days, having come from a breeder, and having obviously given birth to multiple litters of puppies. When I met her, she was shy, timid, and scared of everything. She shook when I carried her in my lap, on the drive back to Louisville, from Sheperdsville, and would dart away from you when you tried to pick her up.

Now, months later, she is a well adjusted, and fun loving pug. She lets out the cutest howl whenever I walk into the room, and dances in circles, until I scoop her into my arms, to give her a kiss. Now, she enjoys a "doggone" good life, spending her time soaking up the sun, begging for treats, and getting tummy rubs.

Renamed "Jazzy," she is energetic, fun loving, a joy to be around, and a total ham for the camera. In the picture, you will find her posing with her human brother and sister, on Easter Sunday. She is the light of all of our lives, and we can't imagine our lives without her at this point.

Thank you KPR, for bringing Jazzy into our lives. It was divine intervention that brought us together. We are so grateful to all of your volunteers for all your hard work, and the sacrifices you make, to make this world a better place to live for all pugs.


Jessica Green, and Deonte and Tasia (Jazzy's human siblings)






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