I'm a firm believer of fate and this is one of those stories that reflect that belief. My husband and I have been on the website several times looking at photos and reading stories of Pugs available for adoption, but always felt "maybe we aren't ready yet" to pursue adoption.

Jeff and I have not been able to have children so Pugsley and Kemo had been all the family we needed. Pugsley, our oldest, was diagnose with nerve damage in his spine at the age of 4 and his vet stated there wasn't anything they could do for him and one day he would be totally paralyzed. Within the last 3 years of his life, Pugsley began deteriorating rapidly and became trouble with walking and unable to control his bodily functions, but that didn't stop him. He had a big heart and loved his family dearly so he always gave it his all until the end. At the age of 12, Pugsley woke up one morning totally paralyzed and began early signs of kidney failure. He and I both knew what we were faced with and It was the hardest thing I ever had to do to make the decision to have him put to sleep. I wished we could have done more for him, but I look back and feel at peace knowing he had a wonderful life. Kemo, our youngest, is now 9 years old and has been the KING of our house for the past 3+ years after Pugsley's death.

We had been talking about getting a puppy for some time now, but my only concern with the puppy talk was the fact that Kemo was a 100% momma's boy and the KING of the house. I was always worried that taking that away from him could be overwhelming so we decided against it. Instead, we decided to sign up for fostering and see how Kemo would react to sharing his home, but even still had doubts on doing that for Kemo's sake.

I was looking at my email one evening and saw that Jenny and Claire, pug mix, needed a foster home. The "girls" were approximately 18 months old and litter mates. They had been separated for a few months and one wasn't doing that well without the other one. I immediately was drawn to the situation and responded right away. I told my husband what I had done and he thought I had lost my mind based on conversation/cocerns we had had. Regardless, he agreed we would give it a whirl.

During the time, we were back and fourth with the Rescue on whether or not the sisters would be kept together or adopted separate. The day we went to pick them up, the decision was made to keep them together to see how they responded. The moment we got them home, my husband and I fell in love. Kemo wasn't all that thrilled initially, but was a good hostess!! As the days went by, the more attached we became...seeing their individual personalities unfold was an awesome experience. Pugsley and Kemo both were 100% momma's boys and Jeff was always craving having that bond with a pug too. Claire immediately became attached to my husband, she would flicker those gorgeous eyes and tilt her head every time she heard his voice....my husband melted. Jenny on the other hand quickly became a momma's girl and Kemo was okay with sharing his mom. It didn't take us long at all to realize that Jenny and Claire DEFIANTLY needed to stay together. They constantly were side by side and was devastated with not knowing where the other one was. Now that they are settle in, they are getting comfortable with being themselves and knowing they will always be together as long and they are with us. We had to immediately start potty 101 and they graduated quickly. They are very well mannered and mind well. We have even taken several trips to see the grandparents and they love'm too. Claire is a couch potato when my husband is watching TV and he's looking forward to having a buddy to watch football with him (ha!) I guess Jenny and I will hang out watching chick flicks in the bedroom and doing our toes and Kemo will be looking at us like...yuck with all the girlie stuff (ha). Kemo is loving the "girls" too and even breaks down and gives them kisses occasionally. We are having a great time and embrace every day we spend together. They have enjoyed our trips to the park and rides to visit family. I don't think they got out much before so they think they are living the HIGH LIFE now! Jeff and I are brining them to the Pugtober Fest, so I'm hoping everyone can see them there. We will be the parents glowing and grinning from ear to ear. I'm hoping Kemo will be able to come too, but he's developed breathing problems and severe allergies over the past few years and the heat is hard on him. If the weather is comfortable, he'll be coming too. If not, he'll get to spend the day with grandpa, which means just as much to him:0)



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