I have a 16 month old pug named Lucy. She loves other dogs and loves to play. I knew it was time to find a playmate for Lucy. My vet told me about the Kentuckiana Pug rescue and I immediately filled out an application. We waited a few months when we finally got a call from Marsha, a Kentuckiana Pug Rescue volunteer and a wonderful person. She explained they had an eight year old pug whose owner had past away 18 months ago. He had been locked up with another dog for months, with relatives coming by to feed him every so often. I was worried Lucy may be too much for him but I thought we would give it try. It was so worth it!

I could not wait to meet Jody- the night finally came when we were able to pick him up. He looked so pitiful that night- he had been neutered and had 13 teeth pulled due to infection. Despite all he had been through that day, Jody had a sparkle in his eyes that still continues to shine today.

We have had Jody for almost 3 months now. His favorite time of the day is meal time and often sneaks food out of Lucy's bowl when she is not looking. He has discovered toys and loves to play with Lucy. They race around the back yard, chasing each other until both collapse in exhaustion. I often find Jody buried in a pile of laundry, sleeping. When I first brought him home, he would do nothing but go in circles, I believe out of nervousness. He rarely does this now unless someone he does not know is in the house. He loves to be up on the couch, snuggling beside me. He is so sweet and affectionate, and rarely leaves my side.

Jody has brought so much joy to my life. After all he has been through and still has the ability to love and trust someone again still amazes me. Lucy and I promise to never disappoint the little fellow and he will have enough love and affection for the rest of his life.

Debbie Miles and Big Sister Lucy
Lexington, Ky



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