Leslie with Clifford (on the left) and Kramer

Hello friends,

It has been a wonderful couple of weeks for me in my new home. I was a little out of sorts at first, but I am as happy as a clam now with my mommy and my pug brother, Clifford. I have some pictures I wanted to share as well. I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and I have been a little "under the weather" since my surgery, but everything is healing fine and I am feeling much better now. My Dr. called and said that my Geriatric profile was normal, except for my white blood cells were a little high so I am taking Imoxicillin for 10 days. He said it was nothing alarming, just the beginning of an infection. Clifford and I are getting along well. I like to cuddle with him. He is a great big brother. He loves to eat, that's for sure. I, on the other hand, just eat what I want and do not gobble up my food. I weigh 19.6 pounds and my Dr. says that that is good. Anyway, just wanted to give you an update on my much improved and happy life. I get to sleep with my mommy and Clifford every night. I have my own house with a bed in it right next to Clifford's so I don't get so lonely and of course my mommy puts a t-shirt in with both me and my brother so we can be near her smell even if she is gone. She also leaves the radio on for us when she leaves. Thanks to all of you at KPR...you have saved my life and will continue to receive e-mails like this saying that your canine friends are happy and thankful for your love of us, enough to forever change our lives, as well as the lives of many puggys you help daily. Our whole family thanks you so very much.

WE LOVE YOU AND ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and pug hugs,
Clifford, Kramer, and Leslie Rodgers



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