Today, August 7, 2006 marks exactly 4 years that I have been in my retirement home. As many of you know, I was a working girl for the first 9 years of my life. My owner decided I had no value to her anymore, so she let my guardian angels (KPR) come and rescue me from my horrible life.

Jen Noone and Trudy Loeffler took me to a house where it had a mommy, a daddy, 2 cats and a little boy. We all talked for a bit, but the mommy and daddy didn’t know whether they wanted me or another pug named, Sonny. I whispered into the little boy’s ear that I would love him and the mommy and daddy unconditionally and that we would be a happy family. The little boy told the mommy and daddy that I whispered in his ear and so they picked me. We have lived happily ever after ever since.

As I age, my body doesn’t work so well. I have almost lost all the vision in my right eye. My left eye doesn’t work as well as it used to. I have a heart murmur that we are working on trying to figure out what is causing it. It was recently discovered that I have a birth defect in which my spine curves in a way it shouldn’t and I don’t have much of a heart cavity (this isn’t causing the heart murmur).

But while my eyes and heart aren’t as strong as they used to be, my love for my family and my family’s love for me grows stronger and stronger every day, every month and every year I am with them.

I truly hope I have many, many more years with this family. After all, I still don’t have Kaiser trained the way I want him to be trained. He is still just a puppy.

Then there is Nic, he was only 5 when I first whispered that very important secret in his ear and while he is 9 now, I want to be around for years and years to watch him grow up.

I have so many joys in my life. I get pancakes every Sunday, I get dressed up in beautiful clothes and go bye-bye. I love to get back in bed and snuggle. And most importantly, I am warm and safe and have more than I could ever have wished for.

Thank you to KPR, Auntie Jen and Aunt Tru-Tru. Also thank you to everyone who continues to save the other “Libby’s” out there.


Princessa Libby Sue

My tribute to the LIBBY!!

Everything I need to know, I learned from the Libby.

I have learned how refreshing a sneeze on the back of the calves can feel on a hot day.

I have learned that size doesn’t matter. It isn’t the size of the pug, but the size of the fight in the pug. She can intimidate something 5 times her size (Kaiser our Doberman).
She sometimes will not let him in the kitchen, or on the bed.

I have learned that I am supposed to eat quickly. If I pause while eating she will bark.

I have learned you are supposed to share... with her…. only.
And if you don’t share to her liking, she’ll bark.

I have learned that no matter what she eats, her gas will always smell like cooked cabbage.

I have learned that pearls go with everything.

I have learned that she will always circle counter-clockwise to do the potty-potty.

I have learned that a 14-pound pug can eat more than a 140-pound person.

I have learned my bed will never be big enough. She takes up nearly ½ of our King sized bed…. I usually wake up hanging half off the bed because she is pushing me off.

I have learned that I am a songwriter, such songs as:
*To the theme of the Cops song: “Bag Balm, Bag Balm, what you going to do, what you going to do with a crusty nose? Bag Balm, Bag Balm.
*To the tune of the Gretchen Wilson song “Here for the party” ours is “Here for the Potty”.
*I also have my own little tune that goes “Hello Liffy, hello Liffy, hello, hello, hellllooo”

I have learned that no matter what I say, she is the Alpha.

I have learned how much I can love and adore such a precious little angel and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. I hope to have another 3 years with her and more!!!

Pug Hugs,
Jen, Mike & Nicholas



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