My name is Kristy Schurter and I have been involved with Kentuckiania Pug Rescue since June of 2002 with fostering "Doug the Pug."

I got a call from Trudy about a 6 week old puppy who had a soft spot and needed some extra TLC so she could thrive and grow. I talked it over with my husband and called Trudy that same night and made arrangements to adopt her. She was extra small, I think she weighed 2 lbs, but had an attitude from the start. At the time I had my original Pug, a black female named Pugsley, and Doug, the 30 lb male. It took no time before everyone knew who the boss was. To this day she keeps us on our toes, but she has been a joy to have and wonderful addition to our family. She has sat with my son for a week while recovering from a tonsillectomy, and loved all of us with that unconditional Pug love when we need it.

Thanks Pug Rescue, for our loving gift!!

P.S. I would just like to say to anyone interested in is the most rewarding, and wonderful experience to help these special and sometimes needy dogs. If you have room in your home, and love in your heart to foster, I would strongly recommend it.

And here's Pugsley, Mattie's big sister!

Pug Hugs!

Kristy, John, Justin, Jessica, Pugsley, and Mattie



Kentuckiana Pug Rescue PO Box 2773 Indianapolis, IN 46206 877-784-7988