Max came to us through the rescue, but in a roundabout way. I was jogging through my neighborhood and happened to see him outside with a teenage boy, so I stopped to talk, as I always do when I see a pug. He came right up and kissed me, but I could tell that he wasn't being well cared for, he looked very sick, with something running out of his nose and eyes. So I asked how old he was and how long they had had him and where they got him from. The boy told me that he had come from the pug rescue, but that they didn't want him anymore and were going to get rid of him. He also told me that Max was currently sleeping in their garage (it was 12 degrees that day).

I asked if he was going back to pug rescue, and the boy told me no, so I asked if I could have him. He told me he would call me, and sure enough, the next day they called and said I could come pick him up, which I immediately did. He had a severe respiratory infection, a bad cough, and our vet said if he had been left outside he surely would have died, since he is about 10 years old. After a weekend of trips to the vet and sitting up at night with him to make sure he was okay, we were totally in love with this sweet roly poly guy. I marvel every day at his ability to love and trust us even after all this sweet guy has been through, his spirit is AMAZING to me......every time I look at him he makes me happy, just because of his ability to still love people even though they have not always been good to him. He also loves his pug brothers, and they love to run and play with him!!

I want people to know that really WONDERFUL dogs come out of the rescue, dogs that can really make a difference in your life, not just you making a difference in the dog's life by giving him a home.





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