Mikey was left inside a cardboard box on the steps of Dixie Animal Hospital on one of the coldest nights of the year. The box was covered with frost and Mikey was emaciated, had only one eye and was sick. There was no note included - not even a name for him. Dr. Roarx, the Steinmacher Pugs' favorite vet, neutered him, brought him up to date on his shots, and treated his illness. Once he was well, the Steinmacher Family fostered him and hoped  that he had found his forever home. During his short time with us, Mikey was such a good little pug. He was already potty-trained and had such a happy,  joyful disposition. His fur is very thick and long and silky. We loved him dearly, however, Sir. Boz simply could not tolerate having another male in the house.

With KPR adoption coordinator, April Freeman's help, Mikey was introduced to Katie Lloyd who was pre-approved and on the waiting list to adopt. Katie and her friends, James and Whitney instantly fell in love with Mikey and Mikey apparently sensed their love and responded so joyfully! Katie found the pug she had been waiting for and Mikey is very much loved by her friends and family. When Mikey first came into rescue, he was fearful of steps. With Katie's patience, he has mastered the steps in just a few days. Katie says he loves to snuggle up and he LOVES to eat! Congratulations to new pug mom, Katie and her new puggy, Mikey Lloyd!!!

A very happy ending!



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