I just want to say thank you to all of you! Oliver is a dream dog! We have had a few "issues" but, we are working them out. I knew I wanted to get another Pug & I knew I wanted a rescue. I looked over the pictures on the website daily & had a list. Oliver wasn't on it. His picture didn't "jump" out at me. When Danielle came to do my home visit, Oliver came along. He melted my heart immedietly. I kept looking at my list & making calls but, my heart kept going back to Oliver. I just knew he was the one. He adopted my daughter right away & still continues to sleep with her. He is a cuddler & has to be where the "action" is at all times. He loves walks & the occasional trip to the Dairy Queen. At dinner time he does what we call the happy dance as soon as he sees his food bowl. At bedtime he has a favorite toy he nibbles on, we've come to call it his pacifier. He nibbles till he goes to sleep. He charms everyone he meets, except his sister pug who is still turning her nose up (the little snob) at him. They are MUCH better than before though. Thank You all again! When we get ready to expand our little Pug herd, I know where to go.

Carole Berlin & Family


and a photo of Oliver's sis, Cleo


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