Otis and Barney came to their new Forever Home in June of 2005. We had a pug a couple of years ago and after he passed away we came to notice that something was missing in the family. It was the love of a pug. We had visited the KPR website plenty of times in search of just the right pug for us. We spoke with the adoption coordinator on a regular basis about finding "the right one", but little did we know that the right one would really become "the right two". At the time, our coordinator, April, had in her possession two adorable big boys, Otis and Barney. They had come from a home that just didn't have enough time for them, but wherever their previous home had been we could tell that they had been taught to be good boys. We love them to death. Otis is tennis ball crazy, we play for at least an hour a day and at 10 years old he still doesn't miss a beat. Even Barney has taken up playing with Otis and that's just a great time to watch them play keep away. Finally, I must say that I've never known two dogs who love treats and snacks and toys any more than these two do. They have big hearts and we're thrilled to have them!

Juli Coy Martinez & family







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