Piggy came to us from the Pug Rescue. We had been thinking about getting another addition to our family, and decided this was the way to go. We knew we had a big home, big hearts, and hoped to open both to a little girl.

We adopted a Pekingese mix male (Clyde Patches) almost two years ago from our local shelter, so the newest member of our family needed to be a little girl. (I did not want two boys competing for territory in the house!). After filling out the adoption application, giving references (both personal and veterinary), and talking to the folks at the Rescue, we were scheduled for a home visit. Apparently, the screening went well and our references checked out, because the foster mom called us and made arrangements to bring us our little girl.

Piggy came to us with a urinary tract infection, for which medication was provided. We had a rough introduction between her and Clyde Patches. He had his nose rather out of joint at another dog invading his space. Our trusted vet, Dr. Nall at E’town Animal Hospital, examined her and said she was in good health. The folks at the Pug Rescue were there for us to offer advice on Piggy’s transition into our family and bonding with her new fur brother. She learned the first weekend how to use the doggy door and is very good about going to the other door when she wants you to take her outside.

Piggy loves to play ball, loves back rubs, enjoys laying in the sunshine, and doesn’t have need of her own bed because she’s found a nice warm spot on her human sissy’s bed. She is content to just sit with you and do nothing. All she asks for is a little attention. In return, she has given lots of love and puppy kisses. After a little physical care, attention, a little discipline, and lots of tlc, we decided that she belonged with us as her forever family. We are certainly looking forward to spoiling this little girl for many years to come.


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