Hi...My name is Puddin' and I am one lucky little girl. I came from an Amish Animal Auction in Pennsylvania. I was very afraid when a good Samaritan came to look at me. She felt very sorry for me and bought me and took me away from that horrible place. I had many physical problems that the people who put me up for sale did not care about. I had never received any veterinary care. They did not even care that my legs and hips were totally deformed and I could barely walk. They just cared that I had all my female organs and could make babies so that they could make money. I left many, many friends that day who were very scared also. They had lived all their lives in cold dark buildings with not enough to eat, not enough fresh water, no veterinary care and most importantly no love. Some of them had never even been touched by a human hand to be petted or talked to kindly. Most had just been bred to the point of exhaustion and then they were just thrown out at the auction so someone else could buy them so they could be bred some more. Many were very sick, but nobody cared as long as they could make babies to make them money. A few were lucky like me that had rescue groups bidding on them to save their lives or people there that felt sorry and bought them to take them away from that misery. I felt bad for all my friends.

The lady that took me home was very kind to me. She did not care that I could not make her babies, she just loved me, but she soon realized that my legs and hips were in very, very bad shape and would require more help than she was able to give me. She contacted Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and they organized volunteers that drove all the way to Pennsylvania to get me. I am such a lucky girl. I was in the hands of such kind and loving people who love Pugs very much. They saw how badly my legs need attention, what a hard time I had walking and how uncomfortable I was and contacted a veterinarian right away.

I had a foster family from Kentuckiana Pug Rescue that was very kind to drive me to a veterinarian in Terre Haute, Indiana that loved Pugs too! The veterinarian took x-rays of my hips and legs and said that they were in very bad shape and I would need to stay with him for awhile. They did surgery on my legs, but they were in such bad shape that it did not work. They loved me so much that they even took me to the University of Illinois and had a special bone doctor called an orthopedic surgeon try to fix my legs. I am waiting to see if that will help me, but it does not look like even a specialist can help me. I will probably have to use a cart when I get older to help me move around.

The veterinarians wife fell in love with me while I have been staying with them and she wants me to be their forever Pug. When Kentuckiana Pug rescue told her that was ok, she cried and just hugged and hugged me. I liked that! I have many other furry friends to live with and lots of people that love me. I am now a very spoiled little Princess Pug.

Many of my friends were not that lucky and ended up back in puppy mills to make puppies for money. These are horrible, horrible places where my friends will live in small wire floor cages in barns stacked to the ceiling with no heat or air conditioning, have little human contact or even be abused. They won't receive any medical care, even if they need it. They won't get to sit in a lap, play in the grass, chase a ball or lay in the sunshine. Many will die there giving birth, many will die there with untreated illnesses, many will just simply die from loneliness and isolation. I think the worst part is not dying, but many will live in these desperate horrible condition for years and years being bred every heat cycle until they can't anymore and then discarded like so much garbage.

The puppy mill will sell thousands of puppies to pet stores or on the internet to people just like you. You might see a cute puppy in a chain pet store or on a really cute internet site and buy it because it is cute or feel sorry for it...DON'T!! For every puppy you save in a pet store or purchase on a web site there are millions more wasting in puppy mills all over the world. Don't assist and enable these horrible people in continuing to hurt, abuse and neglect helpless animals like me. Do your homework and buy from a reputable breeder that loves their breed and produces healthy animals in a kind and loving environment. There are many resources to assist you in finding the correct breed for you. Yes, it might take a little longer, but it will be so worth the wait!!

Pug Hugs....PUDDIN'



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