Reggie came into our lives supposedly a Foster for a couple of days! Well, within 2 seconds of meeting him, we totally loved him with all our hearts. He became number 7 and we now had our Lucky 7 Pug Pack. Reggie came into KPR from an animal shelter that condemned him to death. They deemed him aggressive because he had actually bitten a shelter worker! As it turns out, they were wrong!!! He was simply exhibiting resource guarding. Once we worked with him, he was just an amazing addition to the family. Reggie was such a PR Pug for KPR!! We took him on home visits because he just represented KPR so well! He was the perfect gentleman no matter where he went. He greeted people with an open heart full of love and affection. After doing home visits, his treat was to go to Starbucks and get a Pup Cup (cup of whipped cream!). Unfortunately, Reggie was not allowed to be with us for long. We had only been blessed with his happy heart for 8 mos when he was taken from us unexpectedly. We lost Reggie to a massive tumor in his stomach. Our hearts were broken. It was just so hard to comprehend. We will always be grateful he was in our lives, and believe we showered him with a lifetime's worth of love in the short 8 months we had him. Our goal is to Honor Reggie and his memory by continuing to do all we can for the Pugs who enter the KPR system.

Annie and David Faircloth


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