Rocky came to live at the Potter-Kirk Pug Pavilion All-Stars in August 2003. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with his adorable face and gentle spirit. Rocky has made too many changes in the last few months. First he was in a humane society in Kentucky, where he was labeled “defective” due to hip problems. But KPR didn’t consider this 8-10-year-old pug boy defective, they considered him special. He was rescued by KPR and placed in an adoptive home. Unfortunately, due to family difficulties, Rocky found himself back in the care of KPR just a few months later. I wish there was a way to let Rocky know that he has finally found his forever home! He has only been with me a short time, and he seems a bit confused, as if he is wondering whether he is staying or going. When anyone leaves the house, Rocky runs to the door, looking up and waiting to see if that person is returning. It is rather bittersweet. Rocky has plenty of company now, including several cats, five other pug babies, a golden retriever, and a Chihuahua mix, Mickey, to help make his days happy. While it’s too soon to see Rocky bonding with the other furkids, I do see lots of playful interaction already. It is so cute seeing Rocky play with his stuffed elephant, and I love how he runs to greet me at the door when I come home from work. Rocky also has adoring grandparents and he enjoys “doggy day care” and “overnights” with Mickey at their house several days each week. Time will prove to Rocky that he doesn’t have to worry anymore. This IS his forever family!

Rocky’s mom, Nan



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