From Romeo:

Hi KPR friends! Romeo here. I used to be called Scrappy but now I am called Romeo. I like the name Romeo! I really like my new family. I have a puggy sister, Lena and a human sister, Karsyn. My mom is really nice too. She gives me lots of treats! At first I was pretty scared and Lena...well, let's just say that Lena takes some getting used to. Lena is kind of a bossy pants but she doesn't have any teeth so it doesn't hurt when she tries to bite me. It was a little scary at first but it didn't take me long to learn which of her things I couldn't play with. I worry a lot about things but my mom gives me lots of love and that helps me feel a little calmer. My new human sister is my best friend. She's the same age as me! She's jealous because I turned seven a few months before her but we have a lot of fun together. My mom and my best friend take me on walks every day and I even get to go to t he park when the weather is nice! My best friend plays with me a lot. I have lots of toys! Karsyn tells me which toy to get and then we play with it! I love it when she holds the toy and lets me pull on it. She is so funny, she knows that I love to stand on her and lick her face so she lays by me a lot! I have my very own bed but my mom lets me sleep on her pillow with her so I only take naps in my bed. I love my new home and I hope that all of my KPR friends will find homes as good and fun as mine!




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