This is Roscoe, and we adopted him into our family in August. The story with him was that he was in a shelter getting ready to be put down since it was full, and they fortunately contacted KPR. Marla, his foster mom, nursed him back to health. He had fleas, which he is allergic to, so he had some skin problems due to that, and also had kennel cough from the shelter.

I was searching for another pug weeks before Roscoe's picture was posted on KPR's website, and had filled out an adoption application. I had a pug who had recently passed away, and I knew when he was gone that I had to have  another little puggie to fill that empty void and sadness I felt from his loss. I checked KPR's website regularly in the weeks when I was waiting to  find out more about adoption, and one day when I checked it there was little  Roscoe's picture. He was so cute! I immediately got excited and said "that's my dog"! Little did I know at the time that Amy was already considering him for my family to adopt.

I was so excited about meeting Roscoe and adopting him before I knew anything about him. Then I contacted Marla, his foster mommy, to get some more info on him. She described his as very sweet, but a very active and  hyper little boy. We agreed to meet within the week. Then I started having second thoughts....I had totally convinced myself that he may be too hyper and active for Waydon, my son, who wasn't even 2 years old yet. Since Roscoe came from the shelter they didn't have much information on the families that had him before, so they were unsure if he had been around little kids. I called Marla back and told her that I had changed my mind  about adopting him. I was so bummed about the decision since I had been so ready to get him. She told me that he was really a sweetie and she still thought that he would suite us just fine. She asked me if I would still  consider meeting him, so I could get a feel of his personality, then make a decision.

When I saw that little guy coming toward me, I just couldn't say no. We ended up taking him that night and I'll have to admit it was a little scary in the beginning. I had my guard up because I wasn't sure how him and my  son would get along. But actually to my surprise they hit it off very well!! Waydon says that Roscoe is so cute, and gives him hugs and kisses everyday! Roscoe tolerates his "toddler behavior" very well! When we play  outside Roscoe never leaves Waydon's side. I didn't know if I could love another dog as much as my sweet pug who has passed, but having Roscoe has assured me that I can!

I'm so glad that I didn't give up on adopting Roscoe! I almost missed out on him. I found out that Roscoe had 2 families before he was sent to the shelter and he is only 2 years old. I just couldn't figure out why on Earth these families didn't want to keep him.....but now I think I's because he was meant to be with me!

I want to thank Marla and Amy, both whom helped me with the adoption process! Thank you ladies so very much! KPR is so great to these sweet little pugs. I hope all of them find their forever homes!

Lacy Carter


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