Sadie is a 7 yr old brindled bugg (pug-Boston terrier mix). She came to us ʽnot house-trainedʼ. We put this in parentheses, as she has not once urinated in the house. Apparently, Sadie and a Jack Russell companion used to spend a lot of time outside, but the JRT would dig under the fence and both of them would run off. The owners installed electrified cattle fencing to curtail the problem, and Sadie shocked herself enough times that she became terrified of the backyard. Consequently, she would do her ʽbusinessʼ in the house.

A perfect lady, she is well-behaved on her leashed walks and loves nothing more than giving bugg kisses and falling asleep on your lap with all 4 legs in the air. Sadie is inquisitive, fine with cats, other dogs, and loves her human friends. She has spent her foster home time with 5 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 humans, so it did not take long to discover she has a loving and gentle temperament.

So much so, actually, that her foster family has decided to adopt her, making her #5 in their pug-bugg brood. (You can never have too much pug!) Despite the family fostering and placing 30+ other dogs and cats over the last few years, Sadie managed to bond almost immediately with one of her fosterers. So her forever home was easier to find than anyone expected! Sadie joins Percy Pug, Otis Pug, Pixie Pug, and Chloe Pug (as well as her 2 kitty sisters Mimi and Miss Kitty) as part of the family.


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