Sam, formerly known as Buford (# 713) was rescued from a kill shelter. While with his foster Mom he was neutered and got the care and love he was missing. Sam went to his forever home in August and met his new sister, Suzy, another rescued pug his same age. This sweet little boy quickly made himself at home and loves his nearly endless playtime with his sister, and most of all loves to run like the wind in his huge back yard.
Sam is a wonderful, well behaved little guy, and is very quiet, but doesn't hesitate to bark to let his people know when someone's coming near his domain. He has an almost cat-like ability to jump and climb, which makes it easy for him to join his humans for a quick snuggle at every opportunity. Sam, and his new family, are all grateful to KPR and the volunteers who helped him start his new life as a treasured member of the family.


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