Sassy came to us as a foster pug in early November, 2003. We were “pugless” after the death of our beloved male, Sebastian, who succumbed to cancer at the age of 10 ˝ . Our home and our hearts were so empty with the loss. I had been reading pug rescue stories on the KPR web page and saw a male pug available for adoption that looked like he needed me, but his foster family had fallen in love with him already and decided to keep him. Trudy assured me there would be another wonderful pug for me sometime in the future.

When she called to see if we would be interested in a five year old female I was a little hesitant, not being familiar with female dogs, but agreed to foster her. She had been surrendered by someone who said she had been peeing all over the house and had gotten “nippy” with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, let me assure you, this little girl is the most well behaved dog I have ever seen. She has NEVER had an accident in the house and has never shown any aggression towards anyone. She is an absolute angel that just loves to cuddle in your lap and have her belly rubbed.

Sassy has had a few health problems. She had a mammary tumor that had to be removed and had a seizure the 1st time they tried so she had to go back a second time. She also had to have several teeth removed. The tumor thankfully was benign. She has had some problems with her left hind leg and we are hopeful it isn’t a knee problem. Her previous owner fed her only people food so she was way overweight but with the proper diet she is now where she should be. She has filled our hearts and our home with love and joy and we are so grateful to Kentuckian Pug Rescue for finding her for us!

Also thanks to Sheabel Pet Care Center for your discounted service towards her treatment & care while being fostered.

Pam Hungate & family



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