I LOVE THIS DOG. I can't even imagine how anyone let go of him or how he became a stray on the streets on Evansville. I owe so much to Donna who gave little Skeet so much love and nursed him back to health. He is such a loving dog. He sleeps more than I do (which is hard to  believe) and wants nothing more than to please! He has has no potty problems and is such a happy little dog!

He just prances and shows off when I walk him around the neighborhood and the park and wants to be the friend of every dog he encounters. I am thinking I am going to put him in doggie day care one day a week as I think he will love it. He also just wants to kiss and play with all the humans he encounters and really just has a great disposition. He is the PERFECT dog for me and I can't thank you and KPR ENOUGH for bringing him into my life. He has definitely  found him forever home and Skeeter and I will be bonded for years to come. I am taking him home to meet my mom and my other dogs (my sweet Jack Russell, Sunny, and my parents beautiful Puggie boy, Sammy, back in Connecticut in a few days and the whole family can't wait...I think Sammy, Sunny, and Skeeter will just love each other. Please let  me know if there is anything I can do to help out KPR because you are an amazing organization I will be forever indebted to for bringing this four legged handsome boy into my life BIG pug hugs...

Kate and Skeet



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