We are "Pug people." We haven't always been though. We wanted a dog and began our search on the internet. We looked at different breeds and thought they were all adorable in their own unique ways. When the photo of the pug breed came up on our screen, I fell in love. It was not long before we went looking for one of our own. We are now owners of a sixteen month old female pug who is a joy to our home. We have had Sofie since she was almost six weeks old and from the beginning, she has fit right into our home and even moreso, into our hearts.

Sofie is spoiled rotten but yet obedient. Who can help but give in to those dark pug eyes!! She loves going places with us. She loves shopping at the pet store, going to the lake and meeting new people. In Sofie's eyes, any company that comes to visit, is there to see her! Pugs are like the Lays Potato Chips, you can't just have one. We are now anxiously awaiting for our rescue pug from the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue Organization. We know the Lord will send us the right one.

Pug People,

The Sargent Family



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