Spike is a healthy 6 yr. old fawn male who came to KPR because his original owner fell on hard times and could not afford to keep her 4 dogs (2 full blooded, 2 mixed). She gave up the full blooded dogs hoping they would have a better chance of finding a new home. Spike is very well-behaved. He gets along with other dogs, ignores cats, and seems to like everyone he meets. He is a great traveler. He rides in the backseat all the way. His foster mom loved Spike while she had him. In fact, Spike is so great, she considered adopting him herself, but she gave him up so she could continue to foster. My husband and I are so grateful that she did. We love Spike very much and are trying to make him happy in his new home with his new brother Pugsley. Spike will continue to be a very pampered little boy.



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