Tank has adjusted just perfectly to his new home! He is still a little bit underweight since he was found wandering the streets, but we're going to try to make him live up to his new name! He's starting to eat more, and loves his treats and Greenies! He is the most adorable little pug ever! He absolutely loves getting hugs and kisses, and follows us from room to room. He just hates being alone, even for a few seconds (we have put a bed for him in every room, including the bathroom, so he can always be beside us). Also, he's sometimes reluctant to go inside his crate when we leave. But he's a good little boy who learns and adapts very quickly so he goes inside willingly (and sometimes goes in there even when we're around). He enjoys sleeping with us at night, and snoring, and barking during his dreams! He loves his stuffed animals (Mr. Cow and Mr. Kitty) and fleece blankets, and doesn't mind putting on a sweater here and there! He's got a lot of energy since he's still a puppy, but he also likes just hanging out with us watching tv (probably on his back snoring while we pet him). He is just the best thing that happened to us and we are very grateful to KPR for rescuing these pugs and giving them a second chance that they deserve!

Natalie and Stefan





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