We are very happy to report that Trevor has adjusted to his new home and is doing quite well. His new bed finally arrived from LLBean and it has his name on it! He uses it during the day but still prefers our oldest son's bed at night. Trevor has 3 new brothers and a sister who help take care of him but somehow he still manages to wear us all out. Don't mistakenly say the word "ball" or you in trouble! We know nothing about show dogs but something tells me Trevor could be one. He has big paws, is extremely well built, has a beautiful diamond shaped pure black mask around his eyes and such healthy white teeth. I'm sure is seldom the case but there is absolutely no doubt that Trevor's previous family cared for him deeply.

We are so lucky to get Trevor. April and Karen needed a family quickly and although we were not quite ready for a new Pug after having just lost ours, Maxine, after 16 1/2 years, it turned out to be a perfect match. Trevor needed lots of attention and we needed another dog to love. After a couple of months, we are still broken-hearted over Maxine but Trevor is helping us make it through. Weird, almost feels like somebody set the clock back about 14 years.

How could any dog ever take the place of our Maxine? None will. But, there is room to love  another dog and no dog will ever take the place of Trevor! It feels so good to provide a home for Trevor and to let him know he hasn't lost a family but has gained another. We are so grateful for what KPR does and that we chose to adopt a Pug.



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