Today, March 18, 2009, marks the 4th birthday of our precious addition to the family, Miss Wrigley Milby. She has been such a blessing to my husband and I, as well as her brother and sister, Mason and Lily. From her much extended morning/afternoon naps, to her nighttime kisses before bed, she has made us smile at least once each day since the day we rescued her.
It’s sometimes very hard for us to comprehend how such a loving pug could have been such a burden for another family at one point in time. The major negative habits that Wrigley was labeled as having when she was surrendered have never once reared their face in our household. She has had only one potty accident in our household in almost three months. Furthermore, it was claimed that this little girl did not like being held or receiving affection. Miss Wrigley loves snuggling with her forever family- so much in fact that my husband and I just bought a king size bed for more sleeping space at night and for the babies during the day of course (since all they like to do is sleep). Little Miss Wrigley could also give kisses all day long, leading us to entertain the thought of entering her into the “best kisser” contest at this year’s Pugapolooza.
This is truly the story of a wonderful, charming little girl who had just been denied some much deserved love and attention throughout her life. She is our Wrig Pig, Snuggle Bug, Wriggle Piggles, Wrigley Piggley, Miss Wrigley, wriggle worm, and most importantly, our pride and joy. We love Wrigley and thank KPR for their existence. Another pug’s life changed for the better. Thank you for all you do.
Garrett & Jetona Milby



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