This is a little update on our baby boy Yoda (formerly Mojo) that we fostered and then adopted from KPR. After being approved for a rescue, my husband and I saw Yoda’s precious face online and instantly fell in love. After inquiring about him, we found out that he was a Kentucky dog with another good home to go to. Although disappointed, we were happy he would go to a good home. After a week we received an email saying the adoption fell through and we could foster Yoda until he was neutered. This was a perfect opportunity for us, since we wanted to make sure Yoda and our other dog, Hershey, got along. Well I knew after the first night that Yoda would live with us permanently. He is a fun loving boy who loves to run around playing and exploring with his furry sister. Yoda is also a complete snuggler, and has to be close as he can to. Yoda enjoys terrorizing Hershey, sleeping, especially under the covers, and watching the Colts play football.

Thank you KPR for bringing this dear sweet boy into our lives.

Ian and Courtney Henderson

Hershey and Yoda



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