Zoe Steinmacher found her Forever Home the week of Thanksgiving. When she first came, we weren't sure about her name. We were told to call her whatever we wanted, so we decided upon Zoe. We later discovered her name was Evie, but she was already responding to her new name, so she shall always be our Zoe. She arrived emaciated with an apparent cigarette burn on one of her small legs. She also had a skin infection, worms, an ear infection and a hernia. From the moment she arrived, she stole not only our hearts, but the hearts of her new brother pug, Sir Bozworth, and her new sister pug, Penny. Bozzie and she bonded immediately and the two of them are inseparable. Boz was a KPR rescue that we adopted in May, 2004. He is almost three years old and the most loving of our pugs. We call him the "gentle giant" because he is so big and yet so gentle. Penny, at age seven, is the matriarch of the family. Most of the time, she is  content to simply watch the other two play. Occasionally, she will unexpectedly join in. Her primary concern seems to be their potty training. She "insists" the other two follow her outside when she determines it's time for everyone to potty. She barks and nudges them until they follow her lead. This was certainly a Thanksgiving to remember.

Thanks, KPR!



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