Zoe just celebrated her two year anniversary with us in January.  What a delight she is!  She came to us, at first a foster, then ours.  It wasn't hard to decide to adopt Zoe, we knew from the moment we started back to northern Kentucky. 

Zoe always lived in a puppy mill and actually came with her USDA tags. She had always lived outside and had never known any human love or companionship.  She came to us with a horrible scar down her side from being burned with a heat lamp. She had several previous injuries from the past which included a broken pelvis, hips, shoulders and ribs (one of which still sticks out from not being treated properly). One can only guess how she got these injuries. She couldn't walk when we brought her home and fell as soon as she touched the ground. At her vet appointment for her spay, we found she had a complete hysterectomy and the vet had a hard time finding the tie off to her uterus. She had several skin adhesions (which were fixed) and had six teeth pulled. After a few weeks, Zoe was housebroken and would actually eat out of a bowl (we had to hand feed her at first). And she amazed us soon after with her amazing voice!

In addition to her first surgeries, she had to have four more teeth removed last summer (she only has six remaining). Two additional teeth needed to be removed, but her jaw is too thin and would break if the procedure was carried through. We recently found out that Zoe has a heart condition called bi-lateral valve disease. After much research, we found that this disease is mainly caused by poor breeding. She is currently on a blood pressure medication along with breathing meds and Vitamin E. After almost eight weeks, I am happy to report that the vet cannot detect a valve problem. Her lungs are clear and her heart sounds great! 

Zoe is a very sweet and loving baby girl who spends her time napping and cuddling with her humans (that is, when she isn't trying to chase down her own sibling!)

UPDATE 8/2003 - Zoe was diagnosed in January with congestive heart failure, along w/ the mitral valve prolapse.   They also found a bump on her nipple which did turn out to be cancer. The vet got all around the margins of the cancer, Zoe is doing fine and they don't expect a reoccurrence. Also, we lost our rescue pug Sigmund, in March.

Michelle and Stonewall, Sophie, Max, Leo, Zoe, Buddie and Smokey



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